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Program Description

In 2006 the Club established a program to recognize members who achieve noteworthy hiking, service, and trail maintenance accomplishments during the Club year, which runs from October 1 through September 30. We also have an award for anyone who has been a member of the Club for 25 years. Award winners are recognized at the annual Winter Banquet and listed on the Club website. Following are the eleven awards and how to earn them:

Pathfinder Award - All members who lead 50 or more hikes.

Trailblazer Award - All members who lead 15 or more different hikes.

Millennium Award - Everyone who hikes 1,000 or more miles.

Marathon Award - All members who complete the year's longest scheduled hike.

Junior Hikers Award - Children and grandchildren of members who hike 100 miles prior to their 18th birthday.

Milestone Award - Anyone who completes 10,000 lifetime miles with the Club.

Trail Maintenance Award - Members who complete 16 hours of trail maintenance with a recognized Trails organization.

Bill and Nell Larrison Pinnacle Award - Must earn the Pathfinder, Millennium and Trail Maintenance awards and lead at least twelve different hikes all in the same year.

Club Service Award - Redefined in 2016, awarded by the Board to recognize any member deserving of special recognition for their service to the Club.

IndyHike.org Award - Member who contributes the most photos or articles to the Club website and the Club Facebook Page.

25 year Award - Awarded to any one who has been a member of the Club for 25 consecutive years.

How are Winners Determined: All hiking related awards are determined by the Mileage officer from the Mileage database which captures hiking activity reported on hike sign-up sheets. The 25 year Award is determined by the member database which tracks when a member first joined the Club. The Junior Hikers Award requires that the childs mileage is tracked by the parents (or grandparents) and then reported to the awards committee. The Club's webmaster and Electronic Media Board member will colaborate to determine the winner of the IndyHike.org award. The Trail Maintenance award is based on the honor system. Members are asked to record their trail maintenance hours on the attached form and submit it to the Awards Committee per the instructions on the form. Here is a list of some trail maintenance opportunities.


To see the most recent winners and new 25 year members announced at the annual Winter Banquet and those who have won awards in the past, select a year from the following list:

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