Forty six winners of the 2019 Achievement Awards were announced at the Winter Banquet on December 1, 2019. This years winners received quality rain jackets donated by member Bob Kriz, who just wanted to give something back to the club This is the fifth time that Bob has donated achievement awards. Here is a photo of the award winners at the Awards Banquet. Bob Kriz is sitting in the first row (third from the right) wearing one of the rain jackets that all winners received.

Following is a list of the eleven awards and who won them.

Millennium Award
Eighteen members hiked more than 1,000 miles in 2018. Once again, Glee Crowder topped the list for the 8th year in a row. Here is a list of all the winners:

Glee Crowder   not only did Glee hike the most miles again this year, she also holds the record for the most miles walked in a year - 3,368.
               She finished the year with a Club lifetime record of 46,579 miles, which she continues to add to. 
Curtis Hinds
David Kincaid
Rick Kinnaman
Cherie Voege
Mary Bruss
Tish Brafford
Allan Roberts
Phil Smith
Katy Smith
Mike Seeman
Rick Braun
Kathy Whalen
Julie Litten
Mary Lang
Kae Ramey
Cheryl Conces
Dewey Conces

Pathfinder Award
This award is given to any member who led 50 or more hikes during the year. This year we had 14 winners.

Glee Crowder   once again Glee led the most hikes.  Where would our south siders be without Glee's hikes. 
               Incredibly she leads two hikes every Monday, a hike every Tuesday, a hike on Wednesday, 
               and a hike each Friday and Saturday. She takes Sunday's off.   
Janet Cohen
Rick Braun
David Kincaid
Tish Brafford
Phil Smith
Dick Bacon
Joan Griffits
Kathy Whalen
Julie Litten
Marsha Hutchins
Marti Burton
Jeff Edmondson
Harold Crooks

Marathon Award
This award is given to all members who complete the longest scheduled hike, which this year matched the Club's long distance record of 62 miles (100 K). This year we have four winners of this increadible feat. Again all ladies - so much for the weaker sex.

Rita Bymaster - for an incredible 10th time
Theresa Ray   - for the 4th time
Sandra Nichols
Sara Wingate  - for the 2nd time

Trailblazer Award
This award is given to members who lead 15 or more different hikes during the past year. Everyone enjoys a new hike and is one of the more challenging awards to win (other than hiking 100K that is). Here are the four winners:

David Kincaid  
Pat Lawler  
Mary Ann Layman    
Terry Roesch

Milestone Award
This award is presented to members who have attained 10,000 lifetime miles with the Club. This year two members achieved this impressive milestone:

Janet Cohen
Damon Evans

Junior Hiker Award
There were no winners this year of this award which is given to hikers under the age of 18 who have hiked more than 100 miles with the Club.

Trail Maintenance Award
This award is given to any member who has contributed 16 or more volunteer hours on a trail maintenance project, although most of this year's winners have gone far beyond that, sometimes volunteering 100 or more hours of their time to give something back to the trails we all love to hike. This year we recognized 7 Club members, a record for this award.

Narcisso Povinelli
Frank Povinelli
Russ Himes
Ned Lewis
David Drzewieck
Gary Fine
Phil Coons

Membership Award
This award is given to any member who is responsible for recruiting three or more new members to the Club during the Club year. Regrettably there were no winners of this award in 2019.

Club Service Award
This award is given by the Board of Directors to individuals they feel deserve special recognition for their service to the Club. This year the Board choose to recognize 5 individuals:

Bob Kriz - who has donated Achievement Awards five times
Jean Ballinger - former President of the Club, who has been weekend Pathfinder for 14 years
Karen Zimmerman - Mileage officer and database expert
Bob Hackenberg  - builder of our website and all of the incredible enhancments
Ed Wright  - Webmaster and weekeday Pathfinder for 16 years

IndyHike.Org Award
It should come as no surprise that once again Phil Coons contributed the most photos to the Club website by a wide margin. Phil also maintains the Club's great Facebook page.

Bill and Nell Larrison Pinnacle Award
This year there was no winner of this award.

New 25 Year Members
In additon to recognizing the winners of 2019 Achievement Awards, we also recognized five people who have have been members of the Club for 25 years.

Marti Applegate
Jim Griffin
Anita Pearson
Nick Scull
Richard Sexon