At the Christmas Party on December 4 the 2011 Achievement Award winners were recognized. Following is a list of the 2011 winners.

Pathfinder Award
The following 15 members led more than 50 hikes during the year which ended on September 30, 2011:

Glee Crowder  
Rena Elsner  
Jim Robinson     
Allan Roberts
Donna Maurer      
Rick Braun       
Joan Griffitts   
David Kincaid
Ed Wright
Elizabeth Robinson
Julie Litten
Marsha Hutchins    
Jean Ballinger
Rick Kinnaman
Pat Lawler        

Trailblazer Award
The following 10 members led 15 or more different hikes during the Club year.

Pat Lawler          37 different hikes    
Jean Ballinger      32 different hikes  
Ed Wright           24 different hikes
Mary Ann Layman     23 different hikes
Jim Robinson        21 different hikes
Marsha Hutchins     20 different hikes
David Kincaid       18 different hikes 
Jeff Edmondson      16 different hikes  
June Sergi          16 different hikes
Ellen Mutzl         15 different hikes

Millennium Award
Twenty-six members hiked more than 1,000 miles in 2011. They were:

Glee Crowder           2,999 miles Just missed 3,000 miles for the fourth year in a row.         
Charlie Brunette       2,508 miles Anything over 2,000 miles is a whole lot of walking. 
Allan Roberts          2,409 miles
Lucy Neal              2,058 miles
David Kincaid          1,904 miles
Cherie Voege           1,872 miles
Ricki Jo Hoffmann      1,624 miles 
Rick Kinnaman          1,529 miles 
Jerry Heidenblut       1,488 miles
Rick Braun             1,301 miles
Ed Wright              1,265 miles
Bobbie Mattasits       1,215 miles
Ron Mutzl              1,205 miles
Ellen Mutzl            1,163 miles
Joanne Applegate       1,160 miles
Martin Dadel           1,159 miles
Michal Nugent          1,152 miles
Valan Magnabosco       1,152 miles
Donna Chastain         1,144 miles
Linda Zappia           1,140 miles
Mary Williams          1,087 miles
Rena Elsner            1,076 miles
Mary Lang              1,043 miles
Julie Litten           1,039 miles
Jill McFall            1,030 miles
Jim Shoufler           1,029 miles      

Marathon Award
Rita Bymaster and Cindy West were the only winners of this award in 2011. They hiked from Washington DC to Harpers Ferry, WV tying the Club single day distance record of 62 miles. Rita accomplished this amazing feat for the fifth time and Cindy for the fourth time. This was by far the longest scheduled hike in 2011.

Trail Maintenance Award
David Kincaid was the only winner of this award, completing more than 16 hours of trail maintenance.

Club Service Award
There were no winners of this award in 2011.

IndyHike.Org Award
Kathy Atchison won the award for contributing the most photos to the Club website.

Junior Hikers Award
There were no winners of this award in 2011.

Milestone Award
Three members reached the 10,000 mile lifetime milestone in 2011:

Charlie Brunette
Donna Chastain
Cindy West 

Bill and Nell Larrison Pinnacle Award
For the second year in a row, David Kincaid won this prestigious award, only the third time this award has been won. David earned the Millennium, Pathfinder, Trailblazer and Trail Maintenance awards in 2011, a significant accomplishment for one year.