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We have only two requirements to join the Indianapolis Hiking Club; you must be 18 years old and have hiked with us on two occasions as a guest. That's it. You do not have to be invited by a member to join us on a hike. Simply show up at any scheduled hike. After you complete your second hike you are eligible to join.

Click the following link to view and print a copy of the application form or you may contact our Membership Officer who will send you one. Complete the form and mail to the address shown on the form along with a check for the annual dues.

There is no one time membership fee, just annual dues that are very modest (see application form for details). We offer individual and family (two or more adults at the same address) memberships.

You will officially become a member and your mileage will begin to accrue as soon as your membership application has been received by the Membership Officer and entered into our website database. You will be notified be email when you become a member.

Former members (i.e., non-dues paying for a year or more) will need to submit a new member application and pay the current annual dues. Former members may request that their former accumulated mileage be reinstated, which will be accomplished if feasible.