At the March 2009 General Assembly the third annual Achievement Awards were distributed. Embroidered tee shirts highlighting the awards each person won were given to each winner along with a certificate for each award. Click here for photos of the awards ceremony. Following is a list of the 2008 award winners.

Pathfinder Award
The following members led 50 or more hikes during 2008:

Glee Crowder      137 hikes 
Rena Elsner       129 hikes
Marsha Hutchins    71 hikes
Sukhbir Singh      59 hikes
Rick Kinnaman      58 hikes
Joan Griffitts     57 hikes
Julie Litten       56 hikes
Mary Ann Layman    54 hikes
Ed Wright          52 hikes
Donna Maurer       51 hikes

Trailblazer Award
The following members led 15 or more different hikes during 2008 a sizable undertaking.

Marsha Hutchins   30 different hikes
Mary Ann Layman   24 different hikes
Kavid Kincaid     19 different hikes
Glee Crowder      17 different hikes
Ellen Mutzl       15 different hikes 

Millennium Award
The following members hiked more than 1,000 miles in 2008:

Glee Crowder       3,035 miles which breaks Glee's all time record for one year set in 2007         
Allan Roberts      2,189 miles
Sandy Fillenwarth  1,800 miles
Jerry Heidenblut   1,783 miles
Jeff Edmondson     1,643 miles
Rick Kinnaman      1,551 miles
David Kincaid      1,437 miles
Cherie Voege       1,411 miles
Valan Magnabosco   1,391 miles
Rita Bymaster      1,262 miles
Ed Wright          1,252 miles
Rick Maxwell       1,178 miles
Ricki Jo Hoffmann  1,172 miles
Donna Chastain     1,156 miles
Bobbie Mattasits   1,140 miles
Ron Mutzl          1,137 miles
Tom Hollett        1,127 miles
Lucy Neal          1,088 miles
Martin Dadel       1,087 miles
Julie Litten       1,071 miles
Rick Braun         1,066 miles
Frank Bymaster     1,043 miles
Joan Griffitts     1,014 miles      

Marathon Award
The following members completed the longest scheduled hike in 2008 - an incredible 62 miles. They also tied the Club single day distance record.

Cindy West
Frank Bymaster
Anthony Povinelli
Cathy Bridge
Sandy Fillenswarth
Allan Roberts

Trail Maintenance Award
The following members completed more than 16 hours of trail maintenance in 2008.

Sukhbir Singh       52 hours
Swati Gunale        50 hours
Ricki Jo Hoffmann   35 hours
Thomas Kafoure      18 hours
Glee Crowder        16 hours
Cherie Voege        16 hours

IndyHike.Org Award
Mary Ann Layman received the award for contributing the most photos to the Club web site in 2008.

Junior Hikers Award
There were no new winners of this award in 2008.

Milestone Award
The following members cracked the 10,000 mile lifetime milestone in 2008.

Jerry Heidenblut
Ricki Jo Hoffmann
Anna Lee Johnson
Henry McFall
Cherie Voege
Ed Wright

Bill and Nell Larrison Pinnacle Award
Glee Crowder was the proud first ever winner of this award for winning the Millennium, Pathfinder, Trailblazer and Trail Maintenance awards in 2008.