At the March 2010 General Assembly the fourth annual Achievement Award winners were recognized. Each award winner received an blue embroidered tee shirt highlighting the awards they won and a certificate for each award. Following is a list of the 2009 award winners.

Pathfinder Award
The following members led 50 or more hikes during 2009:

Glee Crowder      159 hikes 
Rena Elsner       146 hikes
Allan Roberts     141 hikes 
Joan Griffitts     92 hikes
Rick Braun         85 hikes
Marsha Hutchins    72 hikes
Carol Radke        66 hikes
Ed Wright          57 hikes
Julie Litten       57 hikes
Rick Kinnaman      57 hikes
David Kincaid      52 hikes
Donna Maurer       50 hikes  

Trailblazer Award
The following members led 15 or more different hikes during 2009.

Marsha Hutchins   45 different hikes - quite an achievement
Mary Ann Layman   22 different hikes
Jeff Edmondson    21 different hikes
Kavid Kincaid     20 different hikes
Tom Kapostasy     17 different hikes
Ed Wright         16 different hikes
Cheryl Smolecki   16 different hikes
June Sergi        16 different hikes
Pat Lawler        16 different hikes 

Millennium Award
In all, 26 members hiked more than 1,000 miles in 2009 - the most ever:

Glee Crowder       3,320 miles, which for the third year in a row set a
                         new record for miles hiked in one  year.          
Allan Roberts      3,177 miles, only the second member ever to hike
                         over 3,000 in one year.
Jerry Heidenblut   2,256 miles 
Sandy Fillenwarth  1,922 miles
Lucy Neal          1,825 miles
Rick Kinnaman      1,673 miles
Rick Braun         1,621 miles
Marge Braun        1,616 miles
Cherie Voege       1,607 miles
David Kincaid      1,547 miles
Ricki Jo Hoffmann  1,487 miles 
Ron Mutzl          1,345 miles
Donna Chastain     1,264 miles
Jeff Edmondson     1,230 miles
Ed Wright          1,199 miles
Valan Magnabosco   1,186 miles
Tish Brafford      1,168 miles
Rick Maxwell       1,097 miles
Bobbie Mattasits   1,094 miles
Tom Hollett        1,086 miles
Bernie West        1,068 miles
Rita Bymaster      1,062 miles
Theresa Salois     1,054 miles
Julie Litten       1,047 miles
Joanne Applegate   1,034 miles
Martin Dadel       1,000 miles  

Marathon Award
The following members completed the longest scheduled hike in 2009 - 35 miles. Looks like they plan to go for 62 miles again in 2010.

Cathy Bridge
Frank Bymaster
Rita Bymaster
Sukhbir Singh
Cindy West

Trail Maintenance Award
Sukhbir Singh was the only member who completed 16 or more hours of trail maintenance. He had an impressive 127 hours.

IndyHike.Org Award
Pricilla Dick received the award for contributing the most photos to the Club web site.

Junior Hikers Award
Madyn Litten walked 13 miles in 2009 and finished the year with 110 miles before her 18th birthday.

Milestone Award
Tish Brafford was the only member who achieved the 10,000 mile lifetime milestone in 2009.

Bill and Nell Larrison Pinnacle Award
There was no winner of this award in 2009.