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This page displays some of the logo merchandise that the Club offered for sale in the past along with the prices we offered them for at the time. Although the items are no longer available, something similar could be offered in the future (at current prices) if there was sufficient interest.

Click on photo to view a larger image.
Beige sweatshirt with green stenciled logo. Offered in 2007 during Club's 50th anniversary year. $23.00
Stenciled bandannas available in Green and White offered during the Club's 50th anniversary year. $5.00
Black fleece jacket with embroided gold Club logo. $25.00
Green fleece jacket with embrioded gold Club logo. $25.00
Gray bicycle hat with white stripe with embroided logo. One size fits all. $10.00 (2nd order the price went up to $11.00
Kahki Adams baseball cap with embroided club logo. Once size fits all. A green version was also available. $12.00
Gray tee shirt with "walking boots" design and 50th anniversary stenciled in green and black. $6.00
Gray long sleeve heavier version of "walking boots", without 50th anniversary. $10.00
Wickaway tee shirt with embroided club logo. $20.00
Good quality ladies collared yellow short sleeve shirt with embrioded club logo. $30.00 (special order red and blue shirts were higher)
Good quality collared white shirt with embroided Club logo. $30.00
Green and black jacket with stenciled gold logo and white strip. $40.00
Back side of green and black jacket with large stenciled gold Club logo. $40.00
50th Anniversary gold metal lapel pin. $1.00 (very inexpensive because 750 were purchased)