Top Ten reasons you or someone you know may doing a 100 K soon


10.     You order moleskin and blister block by the pound


  1. Glide has become a noun rather than a verb


8. Frank has carefully calculated how many blue M&Ms it takes to equal 6200 calories (620)


7. Cindy is eating snow peas


6. Bonnie is recovering from a recent surgery


5. You are spending more time on your toenails than fingernails


4. Rita has been awarded customer-of-the-month at Athletic Annex


3. The vaseline on your nightstand really is being used on your feet


2. Your analyst thinks you really are crazy


  1. You have mapquested Harpers Ferry



Other potential entrants - 2nd top ten

You are going to Washington DC and will not look at any monuments

You actually know how many miles are in a 100K

You have been carbo loading for the last month

The weather for Saturday morning hikes has turned good

You re following the weather for Washington on the weather channel

Jeff is starting to finish hikes on his feet rather than on the ground

You have memorized the mile markers on the Monon

You have a frequent shoppers card at O’Malias

Part of your Saturday morning outfit is gas mask

Cindy is pushing the pace and is excited about adding on miles