The following remarks were prepared by IHC President, Joe Scherrer, for a Channel 13 TV interview on June 30, 2007 during the Club's 50th Anniversary year.


Theme: Hiking is the”edge” you are looking for through Health and Wellness


The Indianapolis Hiking Club is celebrating its’ year long, 50th Anniversary following the motto, “Happiness, a step at a time.” Like most organizations, The Indianapolis Hiking Club supports a core set of values evolving around a particular activity. In our case…..Hiking.


A simple question I often ask new members, is, “Why did you join the Indianapolis Hiking Club?” Some say they were encouraged by a friend who is a member, like to walk and saw our web site,, want to stay fit, need to rehab an injury, transitioning from running to hiking, need a social outlet, what to see more of the world, stay engaged with the environment around them, just retired and want to keep busy, love nature, want to meet new people and many other reasons too.


From my perspective as President, all of these reasons fall under Health and Wellness Values. The Indianapolis Hiking Club offers a common sense but practical prescription in health and wellness for the everyday person:


  1. Getting outside and sensing the creation around us
  2. Socializing with positive, upbeat, like-minded people of every kind
  3. Relieving stress from work, relationships etc. as therapy for the soul
  4. Expanding the lungs, stretching the joints and making the heart stronger
  5. Burning excess fat, improving circulation and decreasing the risks of heart disease, diabetes and other ailments
  6. Expressing yourself through sharing life experiences, stories and laugh out loud jokes.


All of these health and wellness benefits from Hiking with the Indianapolis Hiking Club. Without a doubt, it is fun especially with life-long friends in beautiful and enriching places all over the Great State of Indiana, 50 States and even abroad, seven days a week with over 1,300 hikes a year.


Can we engage you to join??? Do you think being an active member of the Indianapolis Hiking Club is a good health and wellness choice? Do you think our members use the IHC as there “edge” or secret to success at work, at home, or in other activities? The answer is YES to the Indianapolis Hiking Club!!!


See for application to the best first day of the rest of your life.


Respectfully submitted,


Joe Scherrer

President, Indainapolis Hiking Club