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indyhike YAHOO! GROUP

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About 250 IHC members participate in this free email service. Yahoo! Groups is a way to send an email to a large number of Club members informing them of a hike cancellation or changes to hike directions. People use it to plan carpools, find roommates for away trips or simply pass on the latest news. Follow the instructions listed below to join the group.

Our group is called indyhike and is only available to Club members. Once you enroll, you can send an email to everyone in the group at an email address they designated when they joined. There is no need for you to maintain a list of email addresses; that is all managed on Yahoo! Groups with the help of the moderator.


Joining the indyhike Yahoo! Group is a two step process. First you must obtain a Yahoo! ID and password. Next, you must join the indyhike group and designate an email address where you would like to receive group emails. Both steps are free. We will walk you through this process:

Obtain Yahoo! ID:

Obtain Yahoo! ID:

Clicking the following icon will take you to the Yahoo! mail page, where you will be asked to sign in with your Yahoo! ID and password. If you already have these, enter them and you will be taken directly to the indyhike page. If you do not have a Yahoo! Email account, you will need to obtain one before you can join Yahoo! Groups. Click "Sign Up" and follow the instructions.

Click to join indyhike
click icon now

Assuming you clicked "Sign Up", the Yahoo! registration screen will be displayed. Complete the registration screen, agree to the terms of service and create your account. Note, since there are millions of Yahoo! users you may need to try several ID's to find one that is unique. You should receive an email confirming your registration. Make sure to record your Yahoo ID and password as you will need them to sign into Yahoo! Groups. Once you are signed up, you will receive an email that will ask you to respond to to verify your email for you Yahoo account.

Once you have your account established and have verified your email, you can do to the indyhike group page (reclick the icon above) and ask to join. You will receive an email back when your request is granted and you will be a member of the group.

Join indyhike Yahoo! Group:

The indyhike Yahoo! Groups edit membership data screen should be displayed. If not, click the join icon above and proceed as follows:

  1. You will be asked to complete three questions.
  2. Question 1. Skip the Yahoo! Profile update. Under "Email Address" look to see if the address where you want to receive group emails is displayed. If yes, select it as the desired address. If the address you desire to receive emails is not displayed, click "Add a new email address". You will be taken to a new screen to enter the new email address and will have to go through a verification process which can be a bit confusing. This may require you to sign in with your Yahoo! ID and password again, perhaps multiple times. During the process you will be advised that a verification email has been sent to the new address you just entered. You will then need to access your regular email and look for the verification email from Yahoo. Open it and follow the instructions to complete the verification and continue. You will likely be asked to sign in again. Once you complete the process you should return to the edit membership data screen where you started and the new email address should have been added. Select the new address as your primary to receive your group emails.
  3. Answer questions 2 and 3. Most likely you will want to stick with the default values.
  4. Complete the screen and click "join".
  5. Assuming you were successful in getting this far, you should receive a message that your membership is pending, which signifies that the moderator has been advised by email of your request to join the group. The moderator will need to verify your Club membership and then admit you to the group. Don't expect this to happen right away since this step requires human intervention. The moderator will send you an email confirming your acceptance into the group.
  6. If you need help, please contact the moderator (see Help below).


Once you have joined you are ready to exchange emails with the rest of the group. There are two ways to send an email to everyone in the group: By far the easiest and most common way is to send an email to "indyhike@yahoogroups.com" from your regular email. It's that easy. You do not have to sign into Yahoo Groups.


Another way to send emails is to access the indyhike Yahoo! Groups home page (click first option at top of page and sign in). From the list of services on the left side of screen, click "Post" under "Messages". An email template will be displayed. When sending an email to the entire group please keep the following things in mind:


If you change your primary email address you will need to update your profile in Yahoo! Groups so group emails will be sent to the new address. Proceed as follows to change your primary email address:

  1. Access the indyhike Yahoo! Groups home page (click first option at top of page).
  2. Click "Edit Membership" at the top of the page.
  3. Under Step 1, Email Address click "Add new Email address"
  4. Enter your new primary email address and click "Continue".
  5. You will be asked to verify your new address via the same process as when you first joined the group. Namely, Yahoo will send an email to the new address which you will need to verify and reply to Yahoo! Groups.
  6. Reenter indyhike Yahoo! Groups and verify the new address has been added to your membership data. Now, select it as the primary address and save the change.


If you leave the Club or no longer wish to receive group emails you may unsubscribe as follows:

  1. Access the indyhike Yahoo! Groups home page (click first option at top of page).
  2. Click "Edit Membership" at the top of the page.
  3. Click "Leave Group" link at the bottom right of the page.
  4. Confirm on the next page.
You will no longer receive messages from the group nor will your ID be listed for others to see.


If you encounter a problem joining the group or using Yahoo! Groups please don't hesitate to contact Joan Griffitts your Club's Yahoo! Groups Moderator. Joan may be reached at 317-297-7312 or by email at jkgriffitts@gmail.com. Also, if you have any suggestions for improving the use of Yahoo! Groups within the Club Joan would love to hear from you.

For more information check out the following resources: