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If you like to hike, love nature, want to stay fit, want life long friendships, like to travel, love adventure, love history and want to be part of a club celebrating almost 60 years of passion and the opportunity to hike more than 2,000 times a year with 600 of your closest friends ....then the Indianapolis Hiking Club is for you!

Come take a closer look at what might be the best first day of the rest of your life. Learn more about us. Better yet, review our hike schedule and join us on any hike as a guest. Everyone 18 years or older is welcome, no invitation is necessary and there is no fee, but please no pets. We hope to see you soon!

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Karen Zimmerman Wins the Club Service Award
The Club Service Achievement Award was established in 2011 to recognize members who volunteered 12 or more hours on Club service projects. The award has never been won. The Board recently redefined this award. It may now be awarded to any member the Board feels deserves special recognition for their service to the Club during the Club year. Karen Zimmerman will be the first winner of this award. She is being recognized for her efforts to track attendance on all of the Bicentennial hikes, Make-up and other state park hikes during 2016. Without Karen's efforts we would not know how may state parks our members hiked in during the Bicentennial.

Bicentennial State Park Mileage Lookup
You can see how many State Park Hikes you have been credited for this year at 2016 State Park Hikes Mileage

Bicentennial Logo Merchandise Still Available
Visit our online Logo Merchandise Store to purchase a wide variety of logo merchandise featuring your choice of two embroidered logos: the 2016 Bicentennial State Park Hikes logo or the standard Club logo (man and woman hiker). The site includes a broad selection of warm and cold weather apparel, hats and tote bags. Show your support of the Bicentennial SP Hike series by purchasing apparel sporting the Bicentennial SP logo, which we will phase out at the end of this year. The online store will walk you through the purchase process.

See Your Current Mileage
You can see your current mileage and all the hikes you have attended since the beginning of the Club year (October 1). Click on the Mileage link and then click on the link for Mileage Lookup and follow the instructions. If you would prefer that others not be able to view your mileage or hikes, please advise Karen Zimmerman (kzimm729@gmail.com) and your name will be blocked. The website mileage will be updated every week, however it often takes longer than that to receive and process sign-up sheets. So please be patient if your latest hikes do not appear.

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